Branded jan 13, 2017

It must have been about 30 years ago, almost to the day, that this event had taken place. I was working the grave yard shift at the Emergency Seattle Veterinary Hospital. During my shift, on quiet nights, i was allowed to take naps as long as i answered the phone when it rang. The Veterinarian on duty had a room where he would sleep between patients. I would nap on the couch in the break room.

One night as i was napping i had a dream where an aircraft the size of Lake Union came out of the sky and hovered just above the water, on the afore mentioned lake. The Aliens had landed! The excitement rang though out the city and a celebration ensued at Gasworks Park. Every one was thrilled at the arrival. The entire population of Earth was here. There was quite a lot of caos. I noticed the guests of honor were taking charge of things, puting people into catagories. I told my sister to be careful, “dont let them brand you!” I said clearly; because i knew that the moment any one was branded; that there was  no turning back. Just as i had finished warning her, I turned and something grasped my left hand .it was too late for me now. No time left for fear, no time left to run, no more reason to resist, i was branded now. The branding iron burned the image of 2 mountains and 2 moons into the flesh of my left hand.

I dont recall what woke me from my sleep, maybe the phone rang with a pet emergency. But the burning sensation did not disapate for over a week. I was branded and promised to the aliens whose home is a planet with 2 moons. 


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