peace of mind

If I could have one gift
The thing that I would cherish
Above  diamonds or gold;
In weight;
Recognition and admiration
From one who has sealed my fate.

Hurt is only mine because
All my efforts have been erased.
My motives ill-defined by most
Time not wasted to clarify.

Does anyone see me
Behind this guise
What I’ve proven over time
How i gave away my world;
Unsavory as it truly was;
To try to bring it back to right
Where people wouldn’t have to fight.

To live without a daily battle
Feeling happy without a struggle.

Money can’t and never could
Bring peace of mind to the unkind.
To them it always was a crutch,
Reasons to nag and rant and cuss.

Wondering when will it be enough,
To just relax,
Feel and hear
The wind on your shoulder,
Songs of birds flying near.

Feeling content without resent,
I’ve mastered this feat I guess to share,
With not a soul.
Because I’m not the one,
For whom all of the stories are told?


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