Not A Fan

Of course it broke today.
Spinning it’s blades,
The last time.
My biggest fan.

Not there to wave me on,
Cool me down,
When things are burning
From the inside.

Every year its the same thing,
spinning a wind tunnel to suck me under
A museum of music,
shredding the oxygen to toss
tiny particles fill the room.

Yes I will go,
To bring it on the only answer
Dictates to logic.
To the stupid.
Funny squeak it was moaning,
Let it twist in your head
Keep it going let the ignorant
Begin to celebrate phantom win.

They cherish
Themselves sabotage.
It’s been a lifetime career.
Really have no fear.
Just not right.
Assumptions devour what’s real.

That”s how it works on the ones
Sacrificed not me
Never chose against the mind
Actions reflect the smart
decisions confuse opposition.
Portraying not read as a portrait.
Pleasing as a fluke.


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