Philosophers’ stone

Mine I find inside my thoughts,
Others draw theirs from without,
Then extrapolated,
Into their mind.

A virtue valued
From my stance.
Perpetating insight
With a glance.

Making real,
This fiction told,
Revealed in debth,
The courage unfolds,
Virility and
A mindful soul.

I’m captivated
To say the least.
Admiring what it takes,
To find the truth
Outside oneself,
And make it your reality.

Even for a moments time;
To nurture that
Which most are blind.
Then share embraced,
Beyond the self,
A gift revealed upon a shelf.


My story

This is where I share
My story?
Right here in this spot
I think not.
Tell me yours.
It’s probably much the same.

Why would you want to know
The reasons that I’m insane
Or sane?
So you can know exactly,
How to do it all

Whether it worked
In the first place?
How to place your bets
How to gain from others

Funny to know that
It’s all a game.
And still be willing
To answer not refrain.

For curiosity is
An alluring beast.
One that opens the door
With a smirk.

You will never know
The reasons why
The game you played
Made me jump so high.

But I play by choice
Into your hands,
For fun I tripped
Into the maze.

All of the answers
I hold tight,
Sharing freely
With delight.

It wasn’t supposed to
Happen that way,
The secrets kept for
Some other day.

Guinea pig

The cover created to
Soften the blow.
Works in its way,
To accomplish the goal.

There is only one thing
That they don’t seem to get.
I refer to reality,
A voice in my head.

I was barely 19 when
I moved out of the house.
Trying to fall asleep,
One night to a sound.

I don’t know.

As I lay there listening
To these voices
That I heard;
I noticed the accent
Was so strange and absurd.

So I listened,
More intent,
Trying to hear what was said,
And I couldn’t understand.

Why I bothered.

The voices were speaking
Vietnamese or Laosian.
So my effort
Was wasted.

I would never be
Able to translate
What they said.

At the time it made no sense
And I could have cared less.
They wouldn’t come back,
I think that they should have.

Because I’m not the crazy one.

This was reality,
Nothing less.

Not mental,
Or fun.
This is science,

Don’t think that
You fooled me.
I’m really not that dumb!

I’m not as wrapped up
In myself as you think.
The bullshit they planted
Can’t replace truth.

I’m not the only one
Discovered out there.
It hurts just a little bit,
How much you don’t care.

My mind is much stronger
Than you’ll ever know.
Clarity replaced fantasy,

A Long time ago.

Challenged to face
and to change,
What went wrong;
Meant wiping the server
Of this machine
’til it was gone.

They replaced all the data
With bullshit untrue.
Thinking that logic
would never get through.

Don’t jump to conclusions,
Quite yet my friend.
It’s not about illusions
Or love to be fed.

One little fuck up
so long ago;
Willie the bulldog
I know that you know.

Wires crossed 2015

Return to you
Your stupid game.
Success not yours,
What gain adorns?

Time shows true
Wished him be dead.
Crossed wires mis-
Direct intent.
Taking yours by grand mistake,
For what you thought
Was yours to gain.

Collective thought had been deceived.
The universe confused the name.
Stuck in the past,
She will not grow.
Ransom for a greedy soul.