Bitches B crazed

When rockin this world
Let no bitch bring you down.

They will stand there and watch
As your mind spins around.

Its your life they strive to
Misguide as they sit.

Leaving you left with
A big pile of shit.

Happiness for them is
caging your soul

So they won’t be lonely
As their body grows old.


Wires crossed 2015

Return to you
Your stupid game.
Success not yours,
What gain adorns?

Time shows true
Wished him be dead.
Crossed wires mis-
Direct intent.
Taking yours by grand mistake,
For what you thought
Was yours to gain.

Collective thought had been deceived.
The universe confused the name.
Stuck in the past,
She will not grow.
Ransom for a greedy soul.

what a mess

Its such a mess
When the brains fall out
Thoughts pile up
On the floor.
What are they for?
My amusement
Or yours?
So long ago
I met her through him.
A simple manage,
Of three before,
To analyze my motives
To enjoy,
Nothing more.
And that i did
For me and for him,
To share all the senses
Without jealousy
At its core.
It isn’t so hard
For frienship to grow
With the freedom to explore
Those thoughts
On the floor?