Cess pool  2009

Spilling through my brain
Thoughts seem too insane.
Dripping off
Like beads
Of sweat,
Into a chasm.
Vacant and void.

Becomes a cess pool
Of time
Algae blooms,
For future.
Guessed (guest).


Wires crossed 2015

Return to you
Your stupid game.
Success not yours,
What gain adorns?

Time shows true
Wished him be dead.
Crossed wires mis-
Direct intent.
Taking yours by grand mistake,
For what you thought
Was yours to gain.

Collective thought had been deceived.
The universe confused the name.
Stuck in the past,
She will not grow.
Ransom for a greedy soul.

what a mess

Its such a mess
When the brains fall out
Thoughts pile up
On the floor.
What are they for?
My amusement
Or yours?
So long ago
I met her through him.
A simple manage,
Of three before,
To analyze my motives
To enjoy,
Nothing more.
And that i did
For me and for him,
To share all the senses
Without jealousy
At its core.
It isn’t so hard
For frienship to grow
With the freedom to explore
Those thoughts
On the floor?

Free dumb?

All they try to do is belong
Are they longing to be?
When you belong
To a group,
Or another,
Is that when you actually
Come to be?
A being is.
The longing an adjective.
I can be
Without longing.
Can i belong to another,
Without longing to belong?
Can another being
Belong to me,
Without longing to belong to me?
Do i belong with a group
And never long for the group?
Does the group i belong to
Long for me?
We cry for freedom
Or is it really feedom?
Or is free dumb
Or dominium?
Isn’t dominium to dominate?
complete power to use,
To enjoy,
And to dispose of property at will.
We long to belong
To a society based on
Being free to use,To be used,
To enjoy, be enjoyed,
To dispose of, be disposed of
At will.


I laugh.
It seems silly,
The things that I write.
Were do my thoughts roam?
When I’m left alone.

To driving through deserts
Ropes tied ’round my wrists.
“Why fearful”I ask myself,
“is this not a gift?”

It is what I’ve asked for
It makes me feel whole.
Wrapped up and swaddled
Not able to grow.

The fantasy returns to
Rites passed
In this season.
To become the girl
Found without
Rhyme or reason..

I warned my daughter
That if if this occurs,
That I enjoyed every minute.

My sickness concurs.

That was last year
When I spoke of it first.
The pleasure of pain
That my heart so deserves.

I wondered why her mom
Would spill
Twisted beans.

What in the hell?
Then I laugh.
Laugh and smile.

“Don’t worry my darling,
It’s been worth all the while.”