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Giving to her feeling,
Something but pain.
drizzled rain falls
The clouds feel nothing.

The touch is invisible
Who tries to care,
Like an imaginary knife
That severs the skin.

Far off it slithers
Among the dung,
To fester relentlessly
On someone else’s mind.

Imagine sorrow laughing,
As blood drips,
Without coagulation.
Treason never forgives.

Trust knows it’s boundry,
Line etched in the sand.
Vertual sarcasm echos
Off of the canyon walls.

Witch lies are swallowed.
Trust is as faulty,
Fear given cause.
Paving the way back.
A nightmare returns
From whence it sprang.


Fools Gold

It doesn’t exist
No matter how hard it tries.
This emotion given a pedastal
It is NOTHING but a lie.

We can care for one another
Or maybe we don’t .
As long as it serves
Our selfish desires,
We will give it this name,
Until it expires.

Hate on the other hand,
Has forged its place.
Hate is tangible.
Sometimes managable,
Has purpose defined.

Hate doesn’t exist because of love.
Love was created to
Misguide hates fate.
To distract the inevidable
Reason at the gate.

Give me proof.
Evidence denied.
Noone has an ounce
Of love to respond.

Love called admiration,
Fascination and greed,
The reason for holding on
To the person they need.

One will give up their right
To free choice and their money.
To say that they have found
Love with their “honey”.

Creating families based on A Notion .

“Love” will prevent
Drowning in an ocean.
Protect us from being lost
Loneliness and pain.
None of these lies hold
Truth in it’s reigns.

When the world turns against you
Will true love protect?
Or simply reject you
Along with the rest.
It goes where the answers,
Are clearly obscured.

Love is greed wearing
A diguise Selfish and cunning
Will drag you along for the ride
If you’re willing.
Most of us are and it’s sad
To admit that this false ideal
Turns us all into nitwits.

Won’t matter if the vows
Spilled out before friends,
Claim undying devotion,
When deception steps in.

Love never existed
The love that was seen,
Was only truth caring,
Blinded by a smokescreen.

Love takes your time,
Stealing focus in your head.
Taking every precious
Moment of your life,
Until you’re dead.
Love is the greediest lie
Ever told through songs
Read in books, seen in movies.

It’s love we seek to know.
Friends and family who claim
To have found love deny
Honestly admitting
Loneliness and pain still abound.
Love is a vice enslaving the heart
Brainwashing the masses,
Stealing serenities soul.

Love doesn’t care about
Happiness or self worth.
All important love won’t
Give in to respect,
Most often brings doubt
Guilt and suspicion to the deck.

And you may not have noticed
How that last paragraph began..
Love doesn’t care,
Doesn’t care in the end.
How much time and energy you spend
Trying to be it’s friend.


It won’t be nearly as easy
As when you thought you knew.
How to gain my losses,
So the stories grew?
You don’t have the slightest clue.
I’m not the one to tell you.
No reason you would even be
If not to serve me well.

No dreams aren’t made from this,
Only a cold machine inside,
Vintage reel to real not blind.
You never even left my mind.

Hate consumed my distraction.
Knowing no one gave a shit.
But getting here was half the fun
thinking there might be only one,
But I’m done trusting, sharing, caring.
If that’s what these weak feelings stir?
Hate for people big and small.
Hearing all the thoughts,
That rampaged,
Bouncing off the wall.

I knew they thought I couldn’t know,
The plans to use
Abuse my soul.
But deceived a game played well,
Too late when you returned,
To drain the vein or vain.
Nothing more than gruesome pain.


They thought that this time
I was in it for love.
The time before
Money my motive
They Were wrong.

Before it was love,
But not like you’d think.
This time even choice
Was beyond my reach.
It’s in between lines
Where assumptions
Grow like weeds.
Time and time before,
In the past it played out.
Like this and like that
Veering way off course.

It played out because
I let it do so.
It sprang from
Their stories
The seeds that they sew.
I let them grow
Just to show they don’t know
Me or my path it is mine
Not to share,
dare to never expose.

Jump from this pendulum
Again as I still
And have tried before.
To get off of this ride.
To slide down,
Icy slope tied to the rope.

Fuck them and that dick
That they want me to suck
Or to fuck.
He’s retarded a sadist,
A drunk and a joke.
So they make him seductive
In that TV show.
A sick motherfucker,
Blood craving
His hands ’round my throat.
I see what they do,
How they do it
Just so.
To entice me to fall
In his lap and his hands
Make me dead.
What they’ve striven for,
What they’ve planned.

I was wrong on a few counts
Of which I confess,
Now that things have
Transpired in the manner
I had wished.
Im talking about thoughts
Ideals and change.
The course and the growth
Humanities reign.
It’s quite a long process,
Painful for sure.
A change that they thought
We would never endure.

Maybe the first one
Never did kill,
But the questions unanswered
Leave me questioning still.
For the opportunity
Was there all along,
And the circumstance
Played in step,
After the call.

God damn it how long,
And how hard,
Did they try?
From day one,
Out to hurt and coerce
Me to run.

I am the victim.
I hate to admit,
That word I can’t stand,
Makes me want to vomit.
Terrorism at it’s finest,
Every friend that I had.
Not a single soul gathers
My fate in their hands?

I understand now,
It will play out like this.
If it doesn’t,
They won’t stop
This tasteless nonsense.

Tired of TV, music and news.
Tired of this inability
To choose.
No one chooses me,
Because their story says
One thing or another,
That I am so blessed.

The necessary evil
I will claim ’til I’m gone.
Not by choice,
Without reason.
My pride to bare.
Won’t follow another,
True in it’s nature
Never for sale.

Others stuck on a concept;
The a lesser of two.
How weak and transparent
Not a nail but glue.
Not a lion,
Not a tie grrr
Not willing to bear;
The scars of an injury
No longer there.

I meant to come here
I really believe.
I know that you don’t care
If I would just leave.
I would if I could,
I can’t and I’ve tried.
Like a lost child it follows me,
Nowhere left for me to hide.

Maybe one that was buried
So deep in the past,
Has a clue and sees clearly
a measure to twist,
Creating a monkey wrench
Tied with a knot.
Not a knot but a not
From the gut
Sick and vile.

Time to let go.
Let it go through and through.
Leave it be,
play along,
Just be happy
You knew.


Just Words

It seems like my eyes are too blurry,
Now to watch these words,
Land on the page.
As if it matters what words
Fit into place.

I guess it’s not important these thoughts,
Pop out of my head to dance,
On the screen.

Sometimes I know what will land ,
In place of what,
I’m really thinking like a mask,
Protecting my fragile persona
Of indifference.

Fiddle stix

I guess the time is now.
Either take the lead;
Like that needs done.

For whome
From why
Know how.

Or break the lead,
Done that before
Too many times to count.

No attachment to
The strings the fiddle sounds
Off key.

I think the bow,
Cat gut you know,
Is bent from
what was spent.

Running low.
All rotten seeds
To sew.

Too bad.
The fiddle won’t dance,
Along the rythm lost its’ Step.

The cat no longer purrs,
For milk the belly
Wished for more,
promises never kept.
The songs played
On that instrument,
Are sadly out of step.

Inmate Identification

I found it today.

I keep the things
He left behind.
His backpack, knife and odd effects.
He left them here,
He didn’t care,
They meant nothing
To him I Laugh.
Including me.
Still I keep
The things he left behind.

Do I expect him to return
For his affairs?
For me?
I know he won’t.
His slippers I keep
In a dresser drawer.

Were those even his?

I know he wore them
when he was here.
Seven full days and nights,
Giggling inside.

I can see them on his feet
As we speak.

The only truth I know,
Are vaig hopes
I wished were true.
It doesn’t change reality.
I keep them in my head
Just like the things
He left behind,
To only be forgotten.