No weaker word than might.

Time will forget the twist,
Of fate you never could grasp nor phathm,
My hate you played me off,
Not as good as I could you,
All you do to stop your weak little soul from falling prey,
To another stray.

The years gather deep
On your brow.
Mine fade away
Left in yesterday.

The purpose served not rational but real.
All the same feel the pain
Every time it slips from your lips,
Of doubt in the truth I will steal.


Hope’s pane

It’s safer to stay behind the walls,
To look out
Through a window closed.

It never pays to play the game,
To go insane beyond the pane.

The only thing they do for you is drag your shredded Thoughts,
Across a field;

Of poison ivy.

Dried scratched,
In pieces lay,
Ideas once contained.

Hopes lesson lost.

Wishing always waiting,
For the rain
To fall.

Here And Now

She’s looking out the window,
Found a place to park it,
For the night.
It’s dark outside.

Through their curtains
The ones who live behind the walls are safe and warm.

She watches the traffic
Down the road

Some have places to go.

But she is lost behind the wheel,
Gas pedal near her feet,
Will bring her
When tomorrow comes.

So long driven.
The time was spent,
In search of an answer.
Each day delivered
Magic for her sight,
Ghosts and twinklings
From here and now,
Still the answers never came.

When finally peace,

Calms her mind,
She still looks out the window.

For all those homes
With love and comfort,
Distant out of grasp.
She walks alone from here and now

Seems never for her to hold.

Playful Only One

She’s there,
You see but can’t,

You tried to chain,
Her spirit was free.
You tried to hide,
Before she was seen.

The torture you planned,
She turned to gold.
The time thought you’d steal,
A respit she’d feel.

Forever and a day,
Gave to her time,
To play for your pleaure,
Was much,
Less of a crime.


She is not lonely
Maybe her problem is

too many friends.

This time she won’t look
Or try to be

Someone they think
She should be.

She has learned over time
20 plus years ,
Acceptence and friendship,
Are crutches we hold,
To carry us through,
While wounding our soul.

Is she so blind that she thinks
She could find any friend,

Who can see
What’s been taken .

Her pessimism stems.
And continues to grow
Because she will never

Believe all the lies,

She’s been told.

Hold no truth in her mind.

Turn about

In the midst of isolation
No loyalty seen,
Tell her why.
Tell her what she’s done
To continue to be
Shit apon.

Thanx for nothing.
Be gone,

She will have a reason ,
To seek out revenge.

Taking these things,

Into her hands.                                        Turn about is fair play.
She’s done it before,
And again blood

Will spill over,

And over.

The torment of being denied,
A place to feel safe,
Someone willing to guide.

Disguise whats been done,

Only she  on her side,

Forever together,

On this road we run.